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Helping Businesses Meet Fire Code Requirements

We do the mandatory yearly inspections of all portable fire extinguishers at your place of business, automatically returning annually or monthly so you don’t have to worry about rescheduling. We will service and recharge your extinguishers as needed, leaving you another on loan if yours is in need of repair.

We work with you to determine the best schedule for you and your company, which should  include monthly or annual inspections of your fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, in order to comply with government regulations.

We also test and replace batteries and bulbs in exit and emergency lights, and re-rack fire hoses as required.

We offer a broad range of fire suppression solutions customized to address special hazards. By choosing Peterborough Fire Extinguishers, you can ensure your fire suppression systems are tested as required to conform to fire code requirements.


6 Year Maintenance, H-Test & Recharge

Man holding a fire extinguisher

Six-Year Maintenance Service

Every 6 years, stored pressure fire extinguishers must be recharged. This is a mandatory procedure that makes sure the extinguisher is in proper working order. Our trained personnel will inform you if 6-year maintenance is mandatory for your fire extinguishers. If you are unsure whether your fire extinguishers need maintenance, please contact usand we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hydrostatic Testing

A hydrostatic test is a recertification of your fire extinguishers shell. Stored pressure fire extinguishers must be tested every 12 years.  High pressure extinguishers, such as CO2 extinguishers must have a hydrostatic test every 5 years.  Low pressure stainless steel shell extinguishers must also be tested every 5 years, such as K-Class, Water and AFFF extinguishers.

Recharge Fire Extinguishers

Peterborough Fire Extinguishers offers recharging services on all types of rechargeable portable fire extinguishers.

Emergency Lighting Test, Battery Test & Replace

Man inspecting emergency exit sign

Emergency Light Batteries

Peterborough Fire Extinguishers stocks, in their vehicles, the most common types of emergency light batteries in order to replace them while on site saving our customers additional service call fees. Our technicians are available to test, inspect, and replace the emergency light batteries in your place of business.  We’ll make sure your exit signs and emergency lights are properly working and fully reliable.


Fire Hose Re-Rack

Peterborough Fire Extinguisher’s qualified service includes:

  • Re-rack hoses properly and arrange folds
  • Inspect the fire hose for possible wear & tear including damage, cuts, or mildew
  • Inspect all valves and nozzles
  • Visual inspection of the fire hose cabinet for damage

White fire hose hanging in a red box